Calissons d’Aix.

1 oz. candied orange (30g)
4 oz. candied cantaloupe (100g)
5.3 oz. Almond Flour (150g)
3.2 oz. powdered sugar (90g)
1 big tablespoon Orange Blossom Water
1–2 sheets wafer paper
For the icing: half egg white, 90g powdered sugar

1. Cut the candied fruit in little pieces. In a food processor, mix the candied fruit with 1 big tablespoon of orange blossom water.

2. Add the almond flour and the powdered sugar. Mix again in the food processor on high speed, until you get a uniform paste. This should take about 5 minutes or so, depending on your food processor.

3. Gather the paste in a ball and knead it with your hands to make sure that all ingredients are fully incorporated in the paste. Roll out the paste on parchment paper. Do not roll it out too much because you want a thickness of about 1/4 of an inch. This is the thickness of your candy.

4. Place the wafer paper on top of the paste. With your mold, cut out almond/oval shapes in the paper and paste.

5. The next day, prepare the icing by mixing the powdered sugar and the egg white with a whisker. Spread the icing on top of the candies using small spatula. Let the icing dry. I personally like to put the calissons in the fridge for about 4 hours before eating, or 10mns at 100 degrees celsius in the oven.

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