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Best cheese in Paris.





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    Routinely cited as one of the finest spots in the French capital for superb cheeses aged to perfection, the Fromagerie de Paris Lefebvre is owned and operated by a couple, Eric and Patricia Lefebvre. Opened in 1989, it s a venerable institution as cheese shops go, even though it s somewhat remotely located off the usual tourist track. Making a pilgrimage to this prized shop in a quiet part of southern Paris is well worth the effort if you re hoping to try some truly excellent cheeses. At the cheerful shop, between 120 and 140 cheeses are beautifully presented in a true feast for the eyes. The couple works closely with some of the best producers from select regions, including Normandy, Auvergne, and the mountainous regions of Savoie, Jura and the Pyrenees. These long-standing relationships guarantee that the  cheeses on offer here are of a generally exceptional quality.

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